Breweries of Bridgeman

Last weekend we pointed our car towards Lake Michigan due to some unusually warm and sunny weather for mid November in Michigan and drove. Eventually we came to Bridgeman where we found Tapistry Brewing, Transient Artisan Ales, and yet another beer stamp book. Once all stamps from the area’s local breweries have been obtained, the beer drinker becomes the proud new owner of a “logo pint glass”. A quick google search yields pictures of a glass with the logos of all participating breweries. Cool enough, I’ll probably go for it. This new “Brewery Trail Map” eliminates the immediate need for me to add Berrien county’s breweries to the Craft Path Map, but I’ll probably still do it in time. The beer at both Tapistry and Transient was great and both places offered a wide range of beer styles. Upon further investigation of my new stamp book, on its way to Bridgeman is what appears to be another new brewery; Haymarket Brewery and Taproom will be opening this December, putting this currently Chicago-based business into national expansion status. The picture captions tell all.

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